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Profile : MA Management of Financial and Information Systems

After graduation, students will be able to:

  • Understand and use decision support systems, bank databases, and business intelligence to strengthen the competitive position and strategic choices of their organizations
  • Use the most advanced techniques in data analysis and evaluation
  • Manage, advise, and participate fairly and creatively in the development and implementation of information technology and to manage the flow of information within the organization.

Semester 1
Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Introduction to Research Methods Mandatory 10 Syllabus
Managerial Economics Mandatory 7 Syllabus
Modern Theories and Perspectives of Management Mandatory 7 Syllabus
The Development of Digital Innovation Elective 6 Syllabus
Business and Legal Environment Elective 6 Syllabus
Semester 2
Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Management of Financial Systems in Corporates Mandatory 8 Syllabus
Financial Systems and Bank Functions Mandatory 8 Syllabus
Public Policy and Public Finance Management Mandatory 8 Syllabus
Information Systems for Management Elective 6 Syllabus
Business Strategies for Global Competition Elective 6 Syllabus
Semester 3
Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Business Intelligence Mandatory 8 Syllabus
Data Analysis for Managers Mandatory 8 Syllabus
Research Methods Mandatory 14 Syllabus
Semester 4
Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Thesis Mandatory 30 --