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Teaching Office


Teaching Office is responsible for organizing the entire academic process at Riinvest College.

The Teaching Office provides exemplary support and resources to faculty, staff and students. Our team's specialized knowledge and experience with the policies, processes, curriculum and guiding principles of Riinvest College allow to to provide faculty, staff, and students with personalized support in teaching and learning.

Among other things this office:

  • Coordinates study programs, including staff, teachers, students, academic, research and professional activities
  • Involved in student internship initiatives
  • Prepares academic schedule and exam schedule
  • Actively monitors and communicates with students about academic achievement, lecture attendance, and thesis topics
  • Organizes meetings of Program Committees
  • Compiles and updates the student handbook
  • Assists and implements the compilation of semester and annual program reports
  • Organizes extra-curricular activities for students
  • Participates in the promotional activities of the College

Teaching Office consists of the Head of this office as well as the coordinators for the respective programs.

Our Team

MSc. Albnora Hoti

Head of Teaching Office and Computer Science Department