BSc Computer Science – Software Engineering


The Computer Science Program at Riinvest College provides high quality studies to build experts in Software Engineering in order to meet market needs, with capacities to compete globally.

This program is divided into three very modern and up to date specializations. Starting from the fourth semester, students are given the opportunity to choose the profile that is most suitable for them depending on their career and professional development. The Computer Science program has been training students in three different specializations such as: Mobile Programming and Cloud, Database & Network Management, and Cyber Security.

Experts emerging from Riinvest College are employable and ready to deal with design and management issues, without requiring further education by the hiring company. The academic and pedagogical process supports and nurtures universal values of creativity, critical thinking and innovation, tolerance, high ethics and integrity; academic freedom; partnership and transparency towards stakeholders, institutions and the public.

Upon completion of this program, students can continue with their Master studies at Riinvest College or other local or international institutions.

1st Year – Gr 1A 1st Year – Gr 1B 1st Year – Gr 1C
2nd Year – Gr 1A 2nd Year – Gr 1B 2nd Year – Gr 2
3rd Year – Cyber Security 3rd Year – Mobile Programming and Cloud 3rd Year – Database and Network Management