About us

Riinvest College is the only private provider of higher education in Kosovo that is established by a very well-known academic staff with a huge experience in research, with the aim of offering qualitative programs that combine academic and research experience for all students.

Who we are

Riinvest College was founded in 2007 following the mission of Riinvest Institute to promote modern economic development in Kosovo, based on the philosophy of entrepreneurship. It was first founded by by a group of well-known computer science experts, working and living in Austria. The professional development of Riinvest College academic staff took place in the most prestigious European and American universities, especially at Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom.

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Riinvest College aims to be a higher education institution that offers globally recognized study programs that combine qualitative education, research and practical work, creating a unique academic experience that cultivates creativity, entrepreneurship and ensures employability of graduates.

There will be strategic partnerships with local and international universities and businesses. Riinvest College will be a leader in policy-making, economic decision-making and technological innovation, meanwhile benefiting the social and economic development of our society.


Our mission is to provide high quality studies and research in order to create new experts of related fields that will help the development of our country, with the capacity to compete globally. We stand behind our values, as follows:

  • Creativity, critical thinking and innovation
  • Tolerance
  • High ethics and honesty
  • Academic freedom
  • Partnership and transparency towards stakeholders, institutions and the wider audience
  • Identification with our mission, vision and values offered by our staff and students.