Data Science and Bussines Analytics


At the end of the 2-year program, students will have acquired a strong body of expertise, both in content and in computational skills, to solve challenging problems in digital societies thoughtfully and responsibly. More specifically, graduates program will be able to:

  • Identify, analyze, interpret, and critically assess the social (e.g., business, economic, and political) causes and consequences of the digital transformation of societies.
  • Academically reflect and evaluate the legal and ethical implications surrounding privacy, data sharing, algorithmic decision making, and new business models in various digitized sectors.
  • Combine data science concepts and put them into practice by developing and designing state-of the-art applications.
  • Develop scientific and professional solutions for social, ecological, economic, health, scientific, and political problems.
  • Creatively and convincingly solve research implementation problems.
  • Learn programming and implementation in at least one computer language (R or Python) and acquire at least basic skills in the other.
  • Use state-of-the-art digital data mining methods from the Internet and other sources.
  • Efficiently and securely manage social media and business data.
  • Deliberately choose between, adapt, and potentially develop statistical models for “big data”.
  • Elaborately command analytical, critical, and synthesizing quantitative skills to correctly model and interpret scientific results, make valid predictions, and derive thoughtful conclusions and interventions for pressing social and business problems.
  • Apply innovative writing, communication, presentation techniques, and state-of-the art visualization tools to reach out effectively and convincingly to scientific and nonscientific audiences.
  • Efficiently and effectively use online and offline materials to boost self-learning and time-management skills to sharpen one’s professional expertise and stay updated in a rapidly developing scientific domain.
  • Function well in an international and diverse working environment by adhering to and defending ethical, scientific, and professional standards.
  • Grow personally to become a responsible, smart, and resilient researcher, leader, and collaborator and take up an ambitious academic, business, or professional career in thriving digital domains.