MA Management


  • MA Management of Financial and Information Systems

  • MA Management and Marketing

In compliance with the latest economic development in the country and worldwide, the Master program offered by Riinvest College is a special program that is characterized by contemporary courses, up to date literature, modern research methods, international experienced staff, ongoing communication with students, scientific publications, project development, as well as opportunities for studying abroad.

The Master studies at Riinvest College last two years, while the modular form of lecture is applied throughout the studies.

In this two-year program, you will not only gain knowledge about the management of organizations, but will also have the opportunity to specialize in one of the areas that interest you.

Throughout this program you will provide direct advice to businesses, through the tasks and projects of Riinvest College. You will participate in the research of the Riinvest Institute and create a wide network of collaborations.

The Master in Management program offers advanced and contemporary management studies, an approach that will enable students to apply research knowledge, skills and methodologies, as well as strategies within contemporary business organizations.

1st Year 2nd Year