Student Services Office

Student Services Office is responsible for providing various services to all students of Riinvest College, including: information regarding the application process, student registration, follow-up of student requests/complaints to all relevant departments, informing students regarding their requests, informing students about the internal policies and procedures of the college, the official procedures that students need to go by during their graduation process, etc.

Student Services Office serves as a bridge between the student and the institution, providing additional assistance and support for all student requests or eliminating uncertainties regarding internal processes.

This office consists of two officers, who in addition to performing tasks that are related to student services, are as well responsible for maintaining student data in the student information management system (MyRiinvest). The Student Services Office, in cooperation with the IT office, assists the process of activating students’ accounts in MyRiinvest, e-learning and online libraries, as well as save student files both in hard and soft copy, in full compliance with the internal regulations for work ethics and the law on personal data protection.

Student Services Office is responsible for providing all necessary services to the student, starting from their application process up to graduation, through continuous verbal or written contact.

This office reports directly to the Secretary General.

Student services also include the IT Office and the Finance Office. The IT Office assists in providing technology-related information for all students, including the official student email, ID printing, maintenance of electronic systems such as MyRiinvest and e-learning, and providing technical support while operating in one of Riinvest’s electronic systems, etc.

The Finance Office works in a collaborative and inclusive manner to provide timely, accurate and meaningful information to support the enhancement of the college’s educational programs, student quality, external relations and its culture and values.

Our Team

MA Hajdin Ujkani
MA Hajdin UjkaniStudent Services Officer
MA Hajdin Ujkani
MA Hajdin UjkaniStudent Services Officer/Assistant in Finance Department