The first meeting of the Scientific Research Commission is held, where four of the members of the Commission elected based on the decision of the Academic Council met: Albin Ahmeti, Gëzim Turkeshi, Ruzhdi Halili and Bletina Lepaja.
The committee discussed the formation of the research institute, where the members proposed the formation of the Data Science group, as it is an interdisciplinary field and all professors have the opportunity to be involved and contribute.
Another topic discussed was the Master Themes Symposium, which members saw as important because it would serve as a kind of filter to guide students in the improvements that need to be made and to reorient them to this direction.
The topics and strategy of the Scientific Research were further discussed, in which case the available resources such as: Horizon 2020, Twinning Western Balkans and Erasmus projects were mentioned.
At the end of the meeting it was also discussed about the formation of the staff of young researchers that should consist of assistants. As a strategy it was proposed to make the selection of the best assistants, as well as attracting exemplary students as potential for future assistants.
According to the conclusions of the Commission, in the next meetings the institute for scientific research will be defined, as well as the symposium of master topics will be organized which will increase the quality and improve the implementation of this process. Also, in the future, positions will be opened as Research Assistant and Full-time Teaching Assistant, at Riinvest College.