BA Banking, Finance and Accounting

Banking, Finance and Accounting is designed for student preparation for career-oriented business careers and other financial, accounting, research and auditing organizations.

Given the number of local and international banks present in Kosovo, their products and services that offer customers and the tendencies to increase the capacity and quality of services to consumers, students will be able to work in these institutions. Students being familiar with regular accounting standards will be able to employ certification as internal and external auditors and auditors through certifications.

Firms that provide financial consulting services and certification firms in accounting and auditing areas will be potential institutions for graduates from this profile. The profile also familiarizes students with the techniques used in accounting, focusing on criticizing and evaluating current accounting practices and techniques, such as the appropriateness of the information to be provided to the shareholders and the efficiency of the adjustment and audit.

Why study this program at Riinvest College?

  • Qualitative studies
  • Study profiles that are harmonized with market needs in this specific field
  • High student employment rate during studies
  • Qualitative academic staff, educated in the most well-known european universities, experienced in the field of banking, finance and accounting
  • Partnerships with well-known businesses for internship and job opportunities
  • High demand regarding this study program.

Semester 1

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Microeconomics I Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Mathematics for Business Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Business English I Mandatory 6 Syllabus
Academic Writing Mandatory 6 Syllabus

Semester 2

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Macroeconomics I Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Marketing Mandatory 6 Syllabus
IT for Business Mandatory 6 Syllabus
Statistics Mandatory 9 Syllabus

Semester 3

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Management Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Project Management Mandatory 6 Syllabus
Accounting Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Data Analysis for Business Decision-Making Mandatory 6 Syllabus

Semester 4

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Research Methods Mandatory 8 Syllabus
Financial Accounting Mandatory 8 Syllabus
Financial Management Mandatory 8 Syllabus
Entrepreneurship Mandatory 8 Syllabus

Semester 5

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Organizational Behaviour Mandatory 6 Syllabus
Bank Management Mandatory 9 Syllabus
International Business Mandatory 6 Syllabus
Ethics and Business Law Mandatory 9 Syllabus

Semester 6

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Managerial Accounting Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Research Project Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Internship in Banks Mandatory 6 Syllabus
Economics of Money and Banking Elective 6 Syllabus
Introduction to Programming Elective 6 Syllabus
E-Business Elective 6
Audit Elective 6
Economic Sociology Elective 6
Bank Management Elective 6 Syllabus