BA Economic Analysis for Business

Economic Analysis for Business is a knowledge-based profile of the economy and economic institutions. Given the current level of unemployment in Kosovo, the circumstances of economic development and stagnation, foreign investments, diaspora remittances, the negative balance of trade due to small exports, the problems of companies to recognize, analyze the business environment and plan businesses make this profile of particular importance and distinct from what other higher education institutions in Kosovo offer.

In addition to specific training, this profile also develops cognitive and transferable skills. Both types of skills are developed within this profile as well as abstract thinking, critical analysis, synthesis, summaries and assessments, as well as planning and managing the lesson; research capabilities, task solutions, interactive communication and presentation, group work and psycho-motor skills (such as IT skills).

After graduation, students will be able to:

  • Analyze economic performance and economic indicators, assess how markets work, how economic resources are allocated, and how they can fail to function properly
  • Understand specific developmental problems of Kosovo, its resources and potentials and its economic relations with other countries
  • Analyze the local and global economic environment
  • Analyze social phenomena in the context of their relationship with economic outcomes
  • Use accurate graphical and statistical analysis in order to demonstrate the effects of significant change in economic results
  • Understanding the technique and the performance of research in economics and business which can lead to research projects
  • Identify and critically evaluate ethical issues in businesses and the business legal environment in order to understand and judge the implications for the development of businesses, the community and the country in general.

Semester 1

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Microeconomics 1 Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Mathematics for Business Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Business English I Mandatory 6 Syllabus
Academic Writing Mandatory 6 Syllabus

Semester 2

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Macroeconomics I Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Marketing Mandatory 6 Syllabus
IT for Business Mandatory 6 Syllabus
Statistics Mandatory 9 Syllabus

Semester 3

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Management Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Project Management Mandatory 6 Syllabus
Accounting Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Data Analysis for Business Decision-Making Mandatory 6 Syllabus

Semester 4

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Research Methods Mandatory 8 Syllabus
Microeconomics II Mandatory 8 Syllabus
Labor Economics Mandatory 8 Syllabus
Entrepreneurship Mandatory 6 Syllabus

Semester 5

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Macroeconomics II Mandatory 6 Syllabus
Public Policy Mandatory 9 Syllabus
International Business Mandatory 6 Syllabus
Ethics and Business Law Mandatory 9 Syllabus

Semester 6

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Econometrics Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Research Project Mandatory 9 Syllabus
Internship at Riinvest Institute Mandatory 6 Syllabus
Economics of Money and Banking Elective 6 Syllabus
Introduction to Programming Elective 6 Syllabus
E-Business Elective 6
Audit Elective 6
Economic Sociology Elective 6
Bank Management Elective 6 Syllabus