Profile : BSc Economics and Politics

In the coming years Kosovo will face massive socio-economic and political challenges. The wellbeing of the young generations is negatively influenced by the poor infrastructure, corrupt system, poverty, inequality, unemployment, and poor healthcare and education system. Kosovo needs a generation of bright minds which could bring effective solutions to these challenges and would inspire changes for the advancement of the Kosovan society.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Politics offered by UoL with academic direction from the LSE combines two crucial fields that create the critical foundation upon which the society functions. In this programme students attend half of the courses in economics and the other half in politics. They are exposed to in-depth analyses of various political and economic phenomena which continue to influence the well-being of the citizens all over the world. In doing so, students learn about the synergy between politics, public policy and economics and those who complete studies, get a rich study experience making them intellectually fit to engage efficiently in shaping Kosovo society according to best European and World practices. For example, some of the topics covered in the courses of this programme are: political theories, political preferences and voting behaviour, political parties and electoral systems, political institutions, democracy and democratisation, economic performance and public spending, political analysis and public choice, comparative politics, microeconomics, macroeconomic policies, econometrics, labour economics, international economics, and so on. By attending these courses, students will learn to demonstrate knowledge and skills in applying economic reasoning to the analysis of a wide range of policy issues, and gain a detailed and critical understanding of the main theoretical debates in the field of economics and politics. All in all, LSE is considered to be the home of economic and political thinkers offering in this way a unique opportunity for the youth of Kosovo who wish to shape their own future in line with the western values.

This distinguished academic program under the British education system allows students to complete their bachelor’s degree within three years compared to other education systems that last four years. A three year bachelor degree not only translates in lower costs, but at the same time allows specialisation in comparison to a more general orientation with minor specialisation in a specific field which leave out important topics needed for a career in business and government. Furthermore, the degree is offered in English Language, making it more competitive with those offered in Albanian language in Economics or Political Science as separate degrees. Despite advantages in learning in English Language and applying modern learning techniques and innovative Technologies, the BSc Economics and Politics programme developed by LSE academics gives access to exclusive materials and information and increases the chances of becoming the right fit for the labour market and the government leadership.

In a nutshell, a specialized programme such as BSc in Economics and Politics allows undergraduates to develop the skills and knowledge in shorter time, with better quality and affordable fees and prepare them for a career in the areas of economics, policy, government, and consultancy and entry to a Master’s programme in this field everywhere in the world.