Career Office

The Career Office is considered a starting point which helps prepare all students in their career development and gain soft skills needed for the labor market.

The Career Office is designed to assist students in career development. The purpose of this office is to provide services to help students in their job application, including internships and training positions.

The mission of the Career Office is to serve the needs of students for career development, by providing qualitative services through consultations and collaborations, to make the process of their learning and career advancement as easy as possible.

Overall, the Career Office aims to:

Match students’ skills to up to date job opportunities

Encourage students to apply for activities, volunteer work, internship opportunities

Assist and pay special attention to the preparation of resumes, CV formats, cover letters and student presentations in interviews

Constantly inform about the most suitable job positions accordingly to students’ study profile

Organize sessions with interested students to further enhance their professional opportunities

Meet students periodically regarding their career choices.

Our Team

MA Drenushë Murtezi Berisha
MA Drenushë Murtezi BerishaCareer Officer