MSc Advanced Data Science


The Advanced Data Science track provides a deeper insight into the general application and technical details of data management along with analysis algorithms and techniques. The modules in this track require profound mathematical and computing knowledge. It allows students with a strong mathematical and computing background to dive deeper into questions on data mining, data analytics, and machine learning.

Semester 1

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Digital Societies and Future Economies Mandatory 6
Data Science Concepts Mandatory 5
Data Science Tools Mandatory 4
Current Topics and Applications in Data Science Mandatory 5
Communication and Presentation Skills Mandatory 4
IT Law and Ethics Mandatory 6

Semester 2

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Digital Public Spheres Mandatory 5
Digital Business Functions and Models Mandatory 6
Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing Mandatory 5
Data Science Lab Mandatory 4
Artifical Intelligence in Business and Society Mandatory 5
Digital Transformation and Innovation Mandatory 5

Semester 3

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Data Analytics Mandatory 5
Data Mining Mandatory 5
Machine Learning Mandatory 6
Data Management with Python Mandatory 6
Elective from other concentrations Mandatory 4
Elective from other concentrations Mandatory 4

Semester 4

Subjects Type ECTS Syllabus
Thesis Mandatory 30