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Senior Management
Academic Council and Commissions
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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the strategic development of the college and ensuring the efficient use of resources. Issues related to teaching and the academic environment are the responsibility of the Academic Council.

The main tasks of the Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Approval of college mission and vision
  • Approval of business plan, performance indicators, annual budget, risk assessment
  • Appointment of the Executive Director
  • Defining financial monitoring and control measures
  • Monitoring the performance of the institution according to college plans and goals
  • Approval of internal regulations.

The Board of Directors is composed of six (6) members:

  • 4 members elected by the shareholders
  • 1 member elected by the international community
  • 1 lawyer.
MSc Albnora Hoti Krasniqi
MSc Albnora Hoti KrasniqiDirector of Academic Affairs

Senior Management

Dr. Alban Hashani
Dr. Alban HashaniDean of Graduate Studies
Dr. Gezim Turkeshi
Dr. Gezim TurkeshiDean of Undergraduate Studies
MA Besnik Zogaj
MA Besnik ZogajFinance Manager
MSc. Dorina Kralani
MSc. Dorina KralaniSecretary General
MSc. Malësore Gashi Rexhepi
MSc. Malësore Gashi RexhepiHead of IT

Academic Council and Commissions

The Academic Council is a body elected by the members of Riinvest College. The Academic Council consists of: academic leaders at the managerial level (academic director, heads of departments/programs), representatives elected by program councils, elected representatives of college administration, student representatives.

  • The Academic Council meets at least twice a semester and reviews:
  • The academic development, such as the development and modification of study programs
  • Program committees reports
  • Students’ success
  • Quality Assurance Office Report
  • Institutional Regulations
  • Other academic issues.

The Academic Council’s main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Approve the proposed programs by the academic units
  • Define the criteria for student enrollment
  • Approve teaching and quality assurance standards
  • Define the criteria and procedures for academic titles
  • Approve the academic calendar.

The mandate the Academic Council members is three years. Their term begins on October 1st of each year.

Quality Assurance Commission

The Quality Assurance Commission is responsible for implementing and monitoring evaluation procedures in accordance with the Statute and regulations of the institution. The Commission ensures the implementation of international standards and the standards of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, and proposes relevant recommendations to the Academic Council.

The Commission approves evaluation deadlines, the composition of evaluation teams and promotes a culture of quality.

At the beginning of each academic year, the commission elects commission chairman. The chairman is elected by majority and his main responsibility is to organize the commission’s duties and responsibilities.

The Quality Assurance Commission has five (5) members:

  • 3 teaching staff members
  • 1 student representative
  • 1 representative from Student Services Office.

The Quality Assurance Commission also has three ex-officio members:

  • Director for Academic Affairs and International Cooperation
  • Director of Administration and
  • Head of Quality Assurance Office.

Ethics Commission

Ethics Commission deals with violations committed by college members in accordance with the Code of Conduct, Chapter 5 and in accordance with:

General principles: justice, respect for others and responsibility

Members’ rights and responsibilities: academic freedom, rights of access to personal files and data, conflict of interest, equal opportunities and anti-discrimination. This section is also harmonized with the new Higher Education Law and the Labor Law in force.


Our Team

MSc. Albnora Hoti
MSc. Albnora HotiHead of Teaching Office and Computer Science Department
MA. Besnik Zogaj
MA. Besnik ZogajFinance Manager
MA. Drenushë Murtezi Berisha
MA. Drenushë Murtezi BerishaCareer Officer
MA Malësore Gashi
MA Malësore GashiHead of IT
BA Shkëndie Loxha
BA Shkëndie LoxhaStudent Services Officer/Assistant in Finance Department
BSc Bonita Rexhepi
BSc Bonita RexhepiTeaching Office Officer
MSc. Dorina Kralani
MSc. Dorina KralaniSecretary General
BA Rita Sekiraqa
BA Rita SekiraqaInternational Office/ Quality Assurance