Profile : BSc Data Science and Business Analytics

In recent years, Big Data has been one of the most talked about topics in the business and technology world, which is why the Data Scientist profession is very much in demand in Kosovo and beyond. Data has so much potential that it has been dubbed the “fuel of the digital economy” – alluding to the possibility that data can drive our future. Data analytics enables a whole new way of technological solutions. We see the most noticeable changes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Moreover, simplifying, collecting, structuring and analyzing data informs business decision making. Therefore data and information have become the main sources for various industries. With the rise of digitalization, there are many new opportunities that may have been beyond our imagination ten or fifteen years ago.

As the world is becoming increasingly data driven, analytical skills will be highly sought after in all industries. As a leader in initiatives that shape the education system in Kosovo and help young people, Riinvest International has entered into an agreement with the University of London (UoL) and the London School of | Economics and Political Science (LSE) to offer the BSc bachelor of science program. Data Science and Business Analytics, the only one in the region and Europe as well as BSc bachelor of science Economics and Politics.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Data Science and Business Analytics offered by UoL with academic direction from LSE combines two important areas of mathematical and statistical technology and techniques to analyze data that identify issues that are important for business performance. In this program, students attend half of the courses in IT and the other half in mathematics, statistics and business studies. They will be involved in in-depth data analysis from various industries that are critical to the well-being of companies. Students will gain a rich study experience by being intellectually ready to engage effectively in the digital shaping of Kosovo society in line with European and world best practices. For example, some of the topics covered in this program’s subjects are: Data science programming, business and management in a global context, business analysis, projected and designed modeling, statistical methods for market research, machine learning and more.

The peculiarity of this field is that it can be applied in various industries. Consequently, a graduate in this field, can work in the public and private sectors in finance, marketing, medicine, pharmaceuticals, technology and much more.