1. Students have the right to:
  2. a) To attend lectures, seminars and all other learning activities, organized in accordance with their status;
  3. b) To use facilities in libraries, computer rooms and other services provided to students by the institution:
  4. c) To request additional hours of consultations with the lecturers of the subject for any problem that has ambiguities or requires academic support.
  5. d) To elect and be elected in the bodies of the institutions provided for students, in accordance with this law and the status of the institution:
  6. e) To express their opinion on the quality of teaching and the work of the academic staff of the institution.
  7. f) To submit requests and complaints (orally and in writing) to the Head of the department for evaluations in exams, teaching, lecturers or the efficiency of academic programs.
  8. g) To use the equipment of the university according to the relevant rules, to realize the curriculum and the work programmed in its scientific activity, the library and the sports and cultural facilities of the university;
  9. h) To be represented in the university senate in accordance with the relevant regulations of these bodies.
  10. i) To be organized in various non-political associations in accordance with the relevant laws and bylaws;
  11. j) To receive a scholarship inside or outside the country when he meets the conditions set by the decision of the council of ministers, the senate and in interstate or interuniversity agreements;
  12. k) To attend studies in a second branch, in a system different from the one he follows, according to the definitions in this regulation, in the decisions of the senate or in the special acts of the ministry of education and science.
  13. l) To express his opinion on the quality of teaching and the work of the academic staff of the university
    m) To complain about the violation of academic rules and standards by professors, the non-realization of the teaching process, the rules of the exam and its undeserved evaluation.
  14. n) To complain about violations of academic ethics, conflict of interest and any other case that violates the integrity of the student



Student Involvement – The main goal of Riinvest College