Po ngarkohet Veprimtari
This veprimtari has passed.

“Old things new” is a workshop organized by a group of students of “Riinvest” college within the course Project Management with Professor Diana Lekaj. This workshop aims to challenge participants in reusing old materials and encouraging the creation of new things from them. In this workshop you will hear more about the term “Reuse” and its importance for environmental protection. Together we will put into practice what we are talking about by sewing bags from reused textile in line with the “Say No to plastic” campaign.

The workshop will be open to all interested parties who register in this form: https://forms.gle/MmMr14kXwu6ojvRr5

Held on Saturday (26.06.2021) at 15:00 at “Riinvest” College

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